PS5のPlayStation Plusに天穂のサクナヒメが追加された


先日、PS5のサブスクサービスにあるPlayStation Plusに天穂のサクナヒメが追加されたのでダウンロードして遊んでいます。



価格改定で購入しやすくなったものの、いつかセールで買おうと思っていたのでPlayStation Plusに追加されたのはラッキーでしたね。






Amaho’s Sakuna Hime has been added to PS5’s PlayStation Plus

The other day, Amaho no Sakuna Hime was added to PlayStation Plus on the PS5 subscription service, so I downloaded it and played it.

Amaho no Sakuna Hime is a unique game that combines an action RPG with rice farming.

It was also released on Nintendo Switch, and I was interested in it because it was a big hit, but I didn’t buy it.

Although the price revision made it easier to purchase, I was thinking of buying it on sale someday, so I was lucky that it was added to PlayStation Plus.

In fact, when I played it, there were a lot of voices and the voice actors were gorgeously appearing.

Rice field management is an interesting game in many ways, as if you are experiencing a simulated DASH village.

I’m currently working on The Legend of Zelda: Tears of Kingdom, so it’s difficult to secure time, so I can only complete it little by little, but…

For the time being, it is a luxurious situation for me who likes games.