subscribed to playstation plus on black friday in the playstation store

Black Friday is becoming more and more popular, and many stores are having sales.

The other day, I bought a PS5 through Amazon’s invite sale, but I still don’t have the software to play.

I downloaded an RPG called “Genshin” that I can play for free, but I haven’t played it yet because I’m not very interested in it.

I also downloaded e-football, the successor to Winning Eleven, but the passion I had in the old days was gone.

I wanted a PS5 in the first place because I wanted to play Final Fantasy 7 Remake, so I don’t seem to have much interest in other software.

However, since playstation4, there is a subscription service called playstation plus, and I noticed that you can play Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

That’s why I decided to buy a 25% off 1 year subscription right on Black Friday and join.

It was less than 7,000 yen, so this is more profitable than buying the software one by one.

It also included FF9, which I was wondering if I should buy for the Nintendo Switch version, so it might be just right.

Wouldn’t it be nice to start over from the beginning with the PS4 version, which has improved the image quality of FF10-2 on PS2, which was left half-finished without clearing it?

It seems that the lineup of the 4 free downloadable titles will change every month, and I’m looking forward to seeing what I can play.

To be honest, the lineup is so large that you can’t play it all in one year, so it seems like you won’t have enough time to play with the Nintendo Switch.