PCデポのMacBook Proプランを解約する



私はMacBookユーザーですが、毎月支払っているMacBook Proのリース代が結構高いことに気づきました。


お金が全く無かったので、PCデポのプランを使って何とかして手に入れたMacBook Proです。

最長4年間使用することを約束するため、PCデポのMacBook Proを「借りている」ことになっているのです。





トータル的に5万円くらい割高になったものの、MacBook Proがスムーズに手に入って助かったのは事実。




Cancel my MacBook Pro plan at PC DEPOT

Since I switched to Rakuten Mobile and replaced my iPhone, fixed costs have become a little cheaper.

That’s why I decided to review other fixed costs.

I’m a MacBook user, but I’ve noticed that the monthly MacBook Pro leasing costs are quite high.

About 3 years ago.

I didn’t have any money at all, so I managed to get a MacBook Pro using a PC DEPOT plan.

They are supposed to “rent” a MacBook Pro from PC DEPOT to promise to use it for up to four years.

Now that I have a little extra time, I’m thinking of paying a cancellation fee to terminate this lease.

It is a service that includes security software and compensation in the event of a breakdown, but to be clear, it is expensive.

There is also a problem with myself, and the chances of contacting the PC DEPOT clerk are close to zero, so I haven’t been able to take full advantage of the service.

You can do regular operation checks, OS updates, and data backups yourself.

Although it was about 50,000 yen more expensive in total, it is a fact that the MacBook Pro was obtained smoothly and was saved.

So, I will cancel the contract with gratitude.

After that, we plan to use it carefully and wait for depreciation one year later before replacing it with a new model.