【NHK】大西泰斗の英会話 定番レシピが楽しい



私もその一人で、今年は「大西泰斗の英会話 定番レシピ」をDVDレコーダーに録画して毎晩のように英語を勉強しています。









[NHK] Hiroto Onishi’s English conversation classic recipes are fun

Many people use NHK language learning channels as part of their English studies.

I’m one of them, and this year I’m studying English every night by recording “Taito Onishi’s English Conversation Classic Recipes” on a DVD recorder.

It’s been more than half a year since this program started, but I misunderstood that it was broadcast once a week, so I’ve only been able to record about a quarter of the total.

In the program, it is easy to understand because it explains politely and concisely about the seven patterns that are useful for understanding English conversation.

At the beginning of the program, I thought that the content was very difficult because the grammar was explained mainly in the daily conversation scenes of foreigners.

However, a few months later, Amanocchi from Kyain and MEGUMI joined us, and the content has changed for those who are not familiar with English.

Mr. Hiroto Onishi, the lecturer, seems to have good chemistry with the new two, and the program has become interesting.

Occasionally, there are some funny conversations that come up as example sentences, so it’s fun even if you don’t study English.

I still don’t feel like I can speak English, but for the time being I will patiently continue my studies.