[FFRK] Defeat the 6-star magic stone Ramuu

I’m a FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper who continues to do something.

Today, I challenged the physical weakness of the star 6 magic stone Ramuh, which is being captured little by little.

As I captured it clockwise, I seemed to have somehow grasped the knack of capturing it, and I was able to defeat it without feeling desperate.

This time as well, we organized the party by referring to the YouTube capture video.

Tifa is excellent as an attacker of the earth attribute, but it is especially convenient to wear attributes and regenerate the whole with a transcendental special move.

Butts is a well-known attacker, and this time as well, he made full use of his flash technique and continued to do great damage until the end without reducing the firepower.

Urara increases the rotation speed with Magica Albam while preventing incapacity with full recovery.

Deshi supports the attacking team by raising the critical rate with the usual god wall and the forbidden book “Judge”.

Garraf continues to reduce the resistance of the earth attribute with the limit chain and the transcendental special move “Ichishin Furu”.

Friend summoning is a limit chain system.

Smoothly clear! Although I didn’t go to that point, I adjusted it so that it would be struck and stronger by inheriting the effect of increasing the amount of recovery to the Titan of the 6-star magic stone while adjusting the strength with the hero sacred treasure.

Ramuu launches an attack that breaks through the limit on the way, so if you maintain the state of “stopping” with Urara’s burst special move, you can fight stably.

The boss of the 6-star magic stone always tries to remove the clothes, so it is essential to re-dress them.

Also, since the boss becomes harder in the second half, it seems good to prepare an attack that has the effect of weakening the attributes.