• ウララは、リレイズと全体回復(マギカアルブム)に専念。
  • プロンプトは、リミットチェインもしくは余った必殺ゲージをアタッカーに託す。
  • カインは、開始12秒あたりで来る「水神の呪い」をジャンプで避ける。
  • 死の宣告カウントが0になったら、リレイズで復活。
  • 速攻で全体回復&神壁&纏いで体制を立て直してから本気で戦う。
  • 水玉は無視。
  • リバイアサンがプロテスしたらデスペル系のアビリティで解除。







[FFRK] Finally defeated Leviathan physics with 6 star magic stones

Final Fantasy record keeper in the midst of the 8th anniversary festival.

Today, I challenged Leviathan (physical enabled), a 6-star magic stone dungeon that I had been neglecting for a long time.

As a result, I’m relieved to finally be able to beat him.

The party is Cain, Ulala, Desi, Prompto, and Lightning.

Dual Awakening Mysteries, Synchro Mysteries, Hero Sacred Artifacts, etc., are pretty well equipped, so I might have been able to beat them earlier.

The desi star 7 legend materia that I got a few days ago helped streamline the “Operation to entrust Urara with a special gauge”.

Urara concentrates on reraise and total recovery (Magica Album).
Prompto entrusts the attacker with the limit chain or the surplus special death gauge.

Cain avoids the “Curse of the Water God” that comes around 12 seconds into the game by jumping.

When the death sentence count reaches 0, re-raise to revive.

He quickly recovers the entire body, restores the system with God’s wall and wraps, and then fights in earnest.

Ignore the polka dots.

If Leviathan protects, cancel it with a dispel ability.

This is how I approached it as a whole.

Desi’s special move is a dual awakening secret technique and various other things, but I was able to defeat it with only the iron wall (blue flash move) and the divine wall at the opening.

Well, if you try to do a lot of things poorly, you won’t be able to recover in time, so for me it’s better to be simple.

Also, Cain’s firepower was stronger than I thought, so it was very reassuring.

I don’t want to do things like “I’ll re-raise once and fight” because I’m busy.