[FFRK] Explosion Festival Countdown Series Happy Lucky Gacha Again! But after all it is a trap

The countdown series Happy Lucky Gacha has started for the final fantasy record keeper’s explosion festival.

It is a plan that you can draw a gacha in exchange for 15 Mithril once for each series, but as usual, the appearance of equipment is halfway that one star 5 or more is confirmed.

Now that I don’t want any 5 star equipment, this is just a trap to waste Mithril.

Unless at least one 6-star equipment is confirmed, I am neither happy nor lucky.

There may be an opinion that “If you pull it, you may win?”, But if you consume Mithril, you want equipment that you can use.

Nowadays, thankfully, anyone can easily get 6-star equipment at the exchange in exchange for level 4 anima lenses.

If you want to count down, I would like to say that you can write it on the calendar without permission.