まだソフトを一本も持っていないので、playstation plusに加入するか体験版のゲームをやってみようかと思います。


PS5 arrived, so I installed it on the TV stand in the living room

The other day, the PS5 that I won in Amazon’s invitation sale arrived at my house.

I wanted to play with the large LCD TV in the living room, so I decided to install it on the TV stand.

However, the size of the PS5 body is larger than I thought, and it won’t fit when I try to put it horizontally.

I use the attached stand to install it, but it seems that the height has increased by about 2 centimeters.

If you install home appliances in the living room, oil stains will stick to them, so at least you want to put them in the TV stand.

When I was about to give up, I was able to adjust the height of the PS5 by moving the screws that support the partition plate of the TV stand.

Thanks to that, I was able to put it neatly without worrying about the installation location, so it seems that I can play comfortably.

I don’t have any software yet, so I’m thinking about subscribing to playstation plus or playing a trial version of the game.