Rakuten WiFi Pocket 2Cを申し込んでみた


AmazonのechoやFire TV stickも途中で止まってしまうことがあるので、やっぱり通信環境は大事です。

そうは言っても、月額3,000円とか支払うのももったいないと思って調べてみたところ、Rakuten WiFi Pocketに辿り着きました。


Rakuten WiFi Pocketには2Bと2Cの種類がありますが、2Bタイプは在庫切れで入荷未定。




I applied for Rakuten WiFi Pocket 2C

I was worried that the Wi-Fi signal was hard to reach in my work room at home.

Amazon’s echo and Fire TV stick may also stop on the way, so the communication environment is important.

Having said that, I thought it would be a waste to pay 3,000 yen per month, so I did some research and found Rakuten WiFi Pocket.

I am a Rakuten Mobile user, and up to 3GB can be used for 1,078 yen per month, so I applied immediately.

There are 2B and 2C types of Rakuten WiFi Pocket, but the 2B type is out of stock and is undecided.

2C has no problem because the USB used in the charger is type C, so I signed up as it was.

It seems that no penalty will be incurred even if you cancel the contract in the middle, so I will try it for the time being.