Amazonの「fire stick 4K max」が思った以上に便利

amazonで開催されていたブラックフライデーセールで「fire stick 4K max」を購入しました。



私のような古い液晶テレビを使っている場合は、これをHDMIで接続することでAmazon primeビデオを始めとする様々な動画サイトを横断して操作することが可能になります。







Amazon’s “fire stick 4K max” is more convenient than I expected

I bought “fire stick 4K max” at the Black Friday sale held at amazon.

It arrived immediately, so I set it on the TV, but this is more convenient than I expected.

This product may not be needed as new TVs these days have built-in apps.

If you have an old LCD TV like me, you can connect it with HDMI and operate it across various video sites such as Amazon prime video.

A dedicated remote control is included, so it’s good to be able to operate it as if you were watching TV.

I thought I didn’t need a video site because I could watch it on my smartphone or computer, but when I tried it, I couldn’t let go of it.

There are many TV programs that I couldn’t help but watch on terrestrial broadcasting.

In such a case, switching channels quickly and enjoying your favorite videos will lead to a meaningful way of spending time.

It will be getting colder from now on, so it may have been the correct answer to prepare an environment for watching videos slowly at home.