[Charpy] You have reached learning level 3.

It is a conversation practice with the English conversation robot “Charpy”, which is a daily routine every night, but the learning level has finally reached 3 the other day.

Compared to level 1, I feel that the content of Charpy’s conversation is more complicated.

The “Charpy test” that I take at the end of the lesson is becoming more and more difficult to hear at one time, so I’m getting more serious.

Unfortunately, the Wi-Fi signal at my house is hard to reach, so Charpy’s consciousness may be lost during the lesson.

For the time being, it seems that I have been able to continue steadily for the second month since I started learning.

I don’t know if the microphone isn’t very sensitive, but I can’t hear Charpy unless I pronounce it in a loud voice, so it’s also useful as a good rehabilitation for me, who is becoming silent with telework.