Nintendo Switchを大画面で遊べるディスプレイが気になる

近頃はじっくりとゲームをすることが少ないので、携帯モードでNintendo Switchを遊んでいます。




これを使えば、手軽にNintendo Switchを大画面で遊べるようです。



あると便利なのは間違いないですが今のところNintendo Switch以外の活用法が思い浮かばないのが微妙ですね。


I’m curious about the display that allows you to play Nintendo Switch on a large screen

I rarely play games these days, so I play Nintendo Switch in mobile mode.

However, because the screen is small, it is not very easy on the eyes, so I often think about using an LCD monitor.

That said, carrying an LCD monitor is a hassle.

I found a display that seems to solve such a problem by crowdfunding.

If you use this, it seems that you can easily play Nintendo Switch on a big screen.

Of course, you can put it a little away and play with a professional computer, so you can play in a relaxed state.

You can purchase this from 33,000 yen, but I think it’s a little expensive for a display.

There is no doubt that it will be convenient to have it, but at the moment it is subtle that I can not think of any other usage than Nintendo Switch.