Amazon echo 第4世代が届いたので目覚まし時計として使うことにした

Amazonのブラックフライデーセールで購入した「Amazon echo 第4世代」が届きました。







Amazon echo 4th generation arrived so I decided to use it as an alarm clock

I received the “Amazon echo 4th generation” purchased from Amazon’s Black Friday sale.

The smart speaker broke, so I felt like I chose a model that is said to be particular about sound quality.

It’s not bad to play music on your iPhone and listen to it, but it’s still more comfortable to use speakers because it produces louder sounds.

When I actually played the music, I felt that the sound quality was not so good and the sound quality was reasonable for the price.

By the way, I don’t have an alarm clock in my bedroom, so I always get up at the right time.

Since it’s a big deal, I’m going to use echo as an alarm clock and gradually adjust my body clock.