今日はNintendo Switchのドラクエビルダーズを久しぶりにやりました。












[DQB] Finally to the final chapter, Radatome! Behind the breakable wall

Today I did Nintendo Switch’s Dragon Quest Builders for the first time in a while.

The story has finally entered the final chapter, Radatome, but the dark world is spreading again.

I walked the map to get water according to the old man’s instructions, but I couldn’t go any further and got stuck.

Following the books on the map, he entered a cave with a destructible wall, but was dying due to the attack of the Knight of Gaikotsu and returned to the base without a big harvest.

After all, by destroying some of the walls that can be broken, I succeeded in getting the “magic work table” that was installed in the back of the wall.

I managed to capture the dragon behind the door while hitting and away.

I was able to return to the base safely.

However, I couldn’t make the essential item “Seisui” …

What is “clean water”? The moment I thought, I remembered the existence of the water purification tower.

Succeeded in getting it by collecting water right next to the water purification tower installed in the water place.

Compared to Dragon Quest Builders 2, I feel that it is a game with a lot of small and difficult tasks.