今日はNintendo Switchのドラゴンクエストビルダーズで遊びました。












[DQB] Finally defeat the last boss “Ryuou”! What are the tips for capture?

Today I played with Dragon Quest Builders on Nintendo Switch.

Finally, I defeated the last boss “Ryuou” and finally reached the ending.

The Dragon King, who has transformed into a dragon, steals all the items, so he is forced to fight in a different way than usual.

However, with the support of his friends, items such as herbs, melted shields, and cannons will be supplied, so this is a scene that can be said to be a showcase for your arms.

As much as possible, the trick may be to avoid attacks so as not to consume the drops of Sekaiju.

Ryuo’s attack causes a lot of damage in one shot, so if you are not careful, you will be in a moribund state in no time.

Even if you equip the “Protective Ruby” that you got in front of the throne in the castle, it will cause considerable damage.

During a series of battles with the monsters of Ryuo’s minions, if you hurry, you will receive the support fire of Ryuo and the game is over, so it seems good to fight slowly while recovering without overdoing it.

The blocks provided during the battle will help you avoid the Dragon King’s breath attack if you stack them up to 4 levels, but it may be difficult if you are in a hurry.

The hardest part is the phase where two dragons come out, but it may be easier to defeat them one by one with a cannon.

After that, the movement of the Dragon King seems to be patterned, so I aim to stop it at once with a cannon.