[FFRK] Leviathan, a 6-star magic stone, cannot be defeated

I’m a FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper who is steadily continuing.

It has been several months since we started to capture the 6-star magic stone dungeon, but the capture of Leviathan physics has been difficult.

Perhaps it is an underwater production, it will be in a state of death sentence from the start of the battle, and the count will be accelerated every time it happens, so it will be wiped out in a blink of an eye.

For some reason, the damage was so great that I couldn’t recover in time.

It seems that we need to study a little more with YouTuber’s capture video.

Cain is included in the members as a thunder attribute character, but it is difficult to use the dragon knight.

Only about 40% of Leviathan’s physical strength has been reduced, so it seems that the road to clearing is long.