[FFRK] Notice that the tail of the mouse is not enough

FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper who is struggling to capture the 6-star magic stone.

Today, I was checking the missions during the challenge and the old record for the first time in a long time.

Among them, there are many missions that require the limit of Historia Crystal to be exceeded.

I have barely left the Cardia Dungeon untouched, so the Historia Crystal isn’t growing.

It is troublesome to compose members for each series, and the reason is that I didn’t feel like using a character that was abandoned by gacha luck.

However, it is not good to leave the mission forever, so I will start the capture soon.

Unlike in the past, you can get the mystery of awakening at the exchange, and the difficulty of capturing the series binding has decreased due to the inflation of the special move.

That’s why I realized that I was consuming more and more “mouse tails” in order to grow Historia Crystal all at once, but it wasn’t enough.

This item is mainly obtained at events, but so far the castle mission of trials has also been passed through.

The stock of mouse tails should not increase, so let’s consciously get it from now on.