MacでもNintendo Switchができるガジェットをクラファンで発見

クラウドファンディングのMakuakeを見ていたら、PCやMacとHDMIで接続することでNintendo Switchやプレステが遊べるというガジェットを発見しました。





ちょっと良さそうかも?と思いましたが、Nintendo Switchのドックに接続する必要がありますし、そうすると電源もコンセントに挿すことになるわけです。






Discover a gadget that can make Nintendo Switch even on Mac with crowdfunding

When I was watching Makuake, a crowdfunding, I discovered a gadget that allows you to play Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation by connecting to a PC or Mac via HDMI.

We have already succeeded in raising the target funds with a product called OmiPlay.

It may be a good product for those who cannot enjoy as much as they want with their family and cohabitants by monopolizing the TV when playing games in the living room.

Also, recording with audio and screenshots are possible, which may be convenient for information senders.

If you connect it to a single-lens reflex camera, you can check the pictures you have taken on your computer immediately, so it seems to be useful for cameramen as well.

Maybe it looks a little good? I thought, but I need to connect it to the dock of Nintendo Switch, and then the power supply will also be plugged into the outlet.

It may be easy to play on a laptop computer, but for me who does not distribute or record, it is a product that can be played on a PC or Mac as well as no more or less.

Either way, it comes with a cumbersome dock, so I felt it was delicate whether it was worth about 6,000 yen.

The screen size of a laptop is a little small for playing games.

In that case, I think there is a choice of a 17-inch mobile LCD monitor that you can take the plunge and carry around.