再来年には、MacBook Proの買い替えすることになりそうなので、早いところ決断しなくちゃ。


Considering whether to use iMac or Windows desktop PC

In conclusion, I rejected the idea of ​​replacing it with an iMac.

The desktop PC I’m using is getting old, so I’m considering replacing it.

Almost 12 years have passed, so we couldn’t support the upgrade to Windows 11.

Support for office software has ended, so it may be the limit.

I was able to use it stably for a long time without any trouble, and I tried to find out if I would buy a BTO personal computer with a mouse computer next time, but it seems that there are still few models equipped with Windows 11 from the beginning.

Also, the display is also old and must be purchased together.

You only have to update it yourself, so even if you choose a model equipped with Windows 10, it seems that it will cost more than 300,000 yen in total.

On the other hand, if you check Apple’s iMac, you can purchase a 27-inch model from 213,800 yen (tax included).

Accessories such as keyboard and mouse are included from the beginning, so there is no need to purchase them separately.

However, I’m also worried that SSD storage can only be selected in the range of 256GB to 512GB, and that it is not compatible with the much talked about M1 chip.

I hate relying on external storage for desktop use.

The mac is not something that I use habitually for a long time, and it seems that it will be used as a consumable item that is frequently replaced in a period of about 4 years.

That’s why, in the long run, even if the price is a little high, it may be better to have a computer and display with specifications that are convincing with a BTO computer.

I’m going to buy a new MacBook Pro next year, so I have to make an early decision.