[FFRK] Don’t capture the Crystal Tower! But I was addicted to it after a long time

Today was the final day of the FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper Glory Festival.

I challenged the Crystal Tower that I had left behind, but in the end I reached the 4th floor of the hard mode and it was time for work.

I regret that I should have noticed and challenged earlier.

Crystal Tower has normal and hard courses, and if you clear the normal, you can challenge the hard course.

The boss is waiting for each one up to the 6th level, and the characters that can be used at each party are only once.

However, each time you capture a boss, an effect that is advantageous to the battle will be activated, so it is easier to capture than the actual difficulty level of the boss.

It is good to challenge from a low level with low difficulty, and it seems good to proceed while obtaining the desired effect.

Deci’s “Grimoire of the God Wall”, Yashtra’s “Ston Ruskin”, and Dr. Mog’s “Iron Wall” are likely to be easier to fight even in the second half if they are preserved to reduce damage.

Also, for other characters, SELPHY, Deuce, and Pannero, who can perform special moves with a damage reduction barrier, are also useful.

In the second half of the game, if you don’t use the limit chain, the battle will be prolonged, so if the Crystal Tower is held again next time, I will use it properly.

The thickness of the layer of the character I had was tested, so I enjoyed the thrilling battle.