[FFRK] For the time being, the true mystery! Activated immediately after the start of the war without worrying about attributes

Today, I captured the weekly mission of FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper.

This week’s mission includes a 5-star dungeon “Lakshmi” capture.

My darkness party has a Cloud, but I didn’t have the darkness awakening special move, so I felt a little unreliable as an attacker.

However, when I checked the Special Moves that Cloud had mastered, I noticed that I possessed the true mystery of the wind attribute, “Super-Study Warrior Destruction.”

True mystery can break through the damage limit immediately after the start of the war with “no special gauge consumption”.

Lakshmi has a weakness in darkness, so I removed it from the Special Moves list …

Today, I switched to a tactic that activates it immediately after the start of the war, and I was able to deal damage smoothly, and I was able to capture Lakshmi in less than 20 seconds.

The character I will use as an attacker in the future is not “beer for the time being!”, But I will activate it with a light feeling like “for the time being, true mystery!” Without worrying about the attributes.