まあ、こうやって迷っているうちにフェスガチャも第4弾まで来てしまいましたし、7th ANNIVERSARYガチャだけ引いてスルーするというのもアリなんじゃ無いかと思い始めています。



[FFRK] I’m in the 7th anniversary event, but I don’t have any festival gachas I want to turn …

Currently, we are in the middle of the 7th anniversary event of FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper.

In the usual festival gacha, I would consume Mithril aiming for some kind of equipment, but this time there was no eye-catching equipment.

Partly because I have only 250 Mithril.

Well, while I was at a loss like this, the festival gacha also came to the 4th bullet, and I’m starting to think that it is an ant to pull only the 7th ANNIVERSARY gacha and pass through.

As a bonus, you can get one equipment with Synchro Mystery from the “Selectable Equipment List”, so that alone will be enough to strengthen the party.