デシの覚醒奥義「幻想のグリモア 巻ノ壱」によってクリティカル率がアップしたことで、与えるダメージを大きく伸ばしたのも良かったです。



[FFRK] Finally clear 6 star magic stones for the first time! Defeat Physical Ifrit

It is a FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper who is not able to capture the 6-star magic stone.

As the number of difficult dungeons continues to increase, the existence of magic stone dungeons can no longer be ignored.

That’s why today I challenged the physical ifrit using a water party where the members are relatively growing.

However, there is a 6-star magic stone.

It is not easy to capture, so reorganize the party by referring to the YouTube capture video.

After all, the members Luc, Urara, Deci, Tiida, and Pine were finally able to clear the first 6-star magic stone.

Ifrit will switch phases when the remaining HP reaches a certain value, and will launch a powerful overall attack.

As a result, you will be incapacitated at once, so it will be easier to capture if you face with immediate overall recovery of summoning friends.

Also, since speedy recovery is required, Deci entrusts Urara with a deadly gauge, and it will be stable if he fights with Magica Albam while rotating fast.

Since the operation is slow, I installed the Orthrus magic stone with the quick action LV10 just in case.

Orthrus magic stones can be easily obtained at the kite exchange, so if you don’t have a 6-star magic stone, you can’t use it.

It was also good that the critical rate was increased by Deci’s awakening mystery “Fantasy Grimoire Vol.1”, which greatly increased the damage done.

I was able to defeat Ifrit in such a way, but I would like to get other magic stones in this condition.