MacBook Proがあれば仕事をする上で支障はありませんが、デスクトップPCはネット環境が安定しているのでやっぱりあると便利なんですよね。



今思えば、モニター2台とP Cで26万円くらいでしたが、あまり活用できなかった印象です。





Cannot update to Windows 11! Think about replacing your desktop PC

Since Windows 11 has been released, I used the diagnostic app to check if my PC could be updated as well.

Then, I found that it was not possible to update the performance because it was an old desktop computer.

If you have a MacBook Pro, there is no problem in working, but since the desktop PC has a stable internet environment, it is convenient to have it.

Even if I compare the intel Core i7 at the time of purchase with the current Core i5, it seems to be inferior, so I think it is more comfortable to replace it with a cheap one, so I decided to investigate various new desktop PCs.

Until you buy a new one, you have to proceed with the necessary setup for data migration.

When I think about it now, it was about 260,000 yen for two monitors and a PC, but I have the impression that it couldn’t be used very much.

I can still use it without stress for watching videos and creating homepages and blogs, but I am also worried about security.

So, this time, I’m going to get something cheaper and safer than that.

The monitor is old, so how should I dispose of it?